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Mobile Bank

«Mobile-banking» Service is a hardware and software package, which allows the bank's clients-legal entities and private entrepreneurs: 

  • to manage one’s bank account, 
  • to make payments, 
  • to create reporting on one’s bank accounts, 

as well as to learn the news, to determine the disposition of branches, mini-banks and retail centers of banking services using a mobile phone around the clock fr om any location wh ere there is access to a cellular network.

«Mobile-banking» allows the user to carry out banking transactions with accounts in on-line mode, as well as to obtain additional information services. Mobile Internet is used as a means of communication.  

To operate in «Mobile-banking» system is required:

  • The mobile device, smart-phone or tablet with the active number supported by IOS not lower than 5.0 and (or) ANDROID;
  • The mobile device, smart-phone or tablet switched to Internet.

To connect to the system «Mobile-banking» one should contact the Operations Department or the Department of Information Technology in the Head Office of the Bank.

You can download the program at the following links: 


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